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About us

At L’Étiquette & Co., we believe that the gifts we choose to make, and the way we present them, says a lot about who we are. Experts at imaging and delivering memorable moments, we are curators of unique, elegant and distinctive gifts and we love to tell stories.

The inspiring stories of our clients’ successes and new brilliant ideas, as well as the stories behind the creation of an object crafted with passion. Our mission is to forge a stronger connection, and a positive lasting impression for the many people who are celebrated through our thoughtful gifts.


The joy of giving...

Be it for a special event (or someone!) or to mark an important milestone, or simply to show your appreciation, we understand the importance of a well thought gift. Finding the right gift not only demonstrates your thoughtfulness, it also shows that you have flair, as well as respect and consideration for its recipient. In business, these qualities can go a long way in reinforcing the privileged relationships you have or are building with your valued partners. We are happy to share our expertise and help you create the best impression possible, through heartfelt presents.

  • Weddings and anniversaries

  • Retirement

  • Baby shower

  • Holiday gifts

  • Thank you and client appreciation

  • Welcome home

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Alexandra has always been fascinated with beautiful objects, their history and the craftsmanship it took to created them. Motivated to find an outlet for her passion in this field, she finished a Masters degree in Museology at the University of Montreal in 2006, followed by an internship at the Musée de l’Orangerie in Paris where she also attended post graduate seminars at l’École du Louvre.

In the years that followed, she would take on a world traveling journey across the globe, eager to learn about new cultures. For the following 10 years, she worked at curating and managing major themed events in Montreal, working alongside celebrity chefs in order to bring culinary art and catering experiences to another level. Her inspirations and references for the events she created came from her travels and Art History background.

During her years as an event planner, Alexandra noticed how difficult it is for her clients to find original and meaningful gifts. Being the resourceful planner that she is, her clients soon started asking for her input in finding the perfect gifts that would work both with the theme of the event and their brand identity. The idea for a new business project was born. In 2017, Alexandra founded L’Étiquette & Co. bringing personalized and elegantly curated gifting solutions to businesses through a mix of storytelling and local craftsmanship. In 2018 she was rewarded with the regional entrepreneurship award at the OSEntreprendre challenge. Alexandra currently lives in the beautiful Lanaudière region with her husband and their two children.

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Our commitment to social and environmental responsibility

L’Étiquette & Co. is proud to works with organisations that empower women of all horizons to help them break their isolation and re-integrate the work force, no matter their age or status.

In order to reduce our ecological footprint, we ask our suppliers to reduce their packaging. We value ethically sourced reusable and recycled packaging in our gift boxes and are also thrilled to promote the result of brilliant craftsmanship through the work of many local artisans.

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