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Gifting etiquette

Have your ever pondered options endlessly in a store or on the Net, searching for the right gift for someone that you actually know really well? In a business context, the exercise can be even harder. Knowing what, when and how to give can be tricky, specially when you don’t know the recipient all that well. Of course, you’ll want to offer something that is truly appreciated and avoid awkwardness at all cost. All of that without taking too much time from your already over-booked schedule. Put all of this together, mix it well and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a serious headache. Here are a few tricks of the trade to make this easier, without any faux-pas and angst.

Gift wrapping

You took a lot of time to find the perfect gift? Great! Then why not go the extra mile and let the presentation reflect all the thought and effort you put onto this. A nice ribbon and a personalized note not only add a little flair to the overall aspect of the gift, but also expresses just how important you consider this person to be.

On the receiving end?

You received a gift? Lucky you! Make sure you promptly let your gift-giver know just how thoughtful his or her gesture was. If the gift wasn’t delivered to you by hand, promptly send your thank yous (ideally within the following 3 days) by phone or by email. Omitting to do so might send the wrong message for a well intended gesture as the person who sent it might wonder if his package was ever received, or if you appreciated the intention at all.

Good to know

In Quebec, business gifts are usually tax deductible, but only 50% of your food and alcoholic beverages bills apply. This could make an important difference in your budget, especially for larger end-of-the-year presents. Time allowing, you should speak to a tax professional before embarking on some important expenses.

In the end, whether it’s a nice bar of soap or a plane ticket to an exotic destination, the way your gift is given, and the intention behind it, is often more meaningful than the gift itself. As long as the gesture is sincere, your gift will undoubtably be appreciated.

/ November 19, 2018

Hamel Bélisle

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